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Keeping Ferrets.
Ferrets make superb pets, are very clean,  and easy to look after. Like all captive animals, they deserve, and are entitled to be kept clean.
more than one ferret
molly's operation
When returning a ferret to its cage, do make a conscious effort
to check the cage is secure, they are amazing escape artists.
ferrets need to be watched
ferrets and children
ferret's play
Why spay or
castrate a ferret.
 Ferret hutches as a minimum size should be about 48’’ x 24” x 24” approximate dimensions, the larger the better. My ferrets are kept out of doors, the cages are under a cover, the front flaps are lowered at night and used as an awning during the day, to protect against sun or rain. I brush out the soiled saw dust daily  and totally clean out the cage weekly. The water bottles are refilled daily and feeding dishes washed after every feeding visit. I let the ferret roam in an out building  while the cage is cleaned.
  The ferrets welfare is checked on each time I pass their hutches. They are handled at every opportunity. I feed them morning and evening with James Wellbeloved ferret complete, a special ferret biscuit food. Occasional treats of chicken, turkey dinner scraps or a drink of milk diluted with an equal portion of water is okay.
Ferret humour 
& Some myths
The ferret escaped from this cage by creating the hole in the chicken wire during the night prior to the discovery of its loss.
The large albino hob was seen pulling at the wire before I covered the hutch for the night; I did not think that the wire would be broken by the ferret, as the wire was new. I believe the ferret had  broken the wire by the constantly pulling it, using his teeth, causing metal fatigue.
The ferret was in my possession for a short while prior to escaping, having possibly been lost by an unknown owner in a similar circumstance.
I would recommend that all ferret cages use use a rigid steel mesh, and not the chicken /rabbit mesh illustrated.